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While forecasters were accurate about how difficult travel would be this week as a result of Monday’s storm, many Georgians were still stranded or caught off-guard by the interruption in their normal routine. Three to six inches of snow and ice disrupted transportation throughout most of the state, but it could have been much worse. Think about what a major power outage or loss of fresh water could do to you and your family if you’re unprepared.

This winter was predicted to be warm and dry, but a look outside in most areas proves that extremely cold weather can and does happen in Georgia. Fortunately, you can plan ahead and avoid many headaches later. With that in mind, take this opportunity to explore the resources offered by Ready Georgia that will help you prepare for the rest of the winter and into the year. Since last Friday, many Georgians anticipating inclement weather have invested the time to identify their needs and requirements on this site, which offers a tool for users to create a custom kit and plan. If you weren’t among them, why not do it now? Just answer a few questions about your household, and a custom checklist will be generated with the supplies you and your family need to survive for at least three days. Remember, you might not be home when disaster strikes, so make a kit for your home, office and vehicle.

If you’re at home due to school or office closings, use this time to think about what you’ll need next time, and take action. Resolve to be Ready by developing a plan for the next unexpected event.

Getting prepared is easy:

  • Create a plan and checklist
  • Review and practice the plan with your family
  • Stay informed about possible threats in your area

7 Responses to “Prepare Now for the Next Big Event: Don’t Be Caught Off Guard”

  1. Vivan Sallee says:

    Thanks a lot for putting this up, it was very handy and helped me a lot

  2. Andy says:

    I live very far up in Sweden, and we usually get very cold winters.

    Somedays, you aren’t even eligible to go outdoors because of the high amount of snow surrounding you everywhere. However, you get used to it after living here for a couple of years.

    Interesting to read about an winter this hard occuring in Georgia.

  3. perde says:

    Guess people should learn from the resent spat of bad events and start preparing for the next one.

  4. kelvin J. says:

    Getting prepared is easy:
    – Create a plan and checklist
    – Review and practice the plan with your family
    – Stay informed about possible threats in your area
    I agree absolutely……..Thank.

  5. Si says:

    Firstly, that picture looks awesome, I know snow and bad weather can be a nightmare, but can look visually stunning.
    We get the same here in the uk most years, the weather comes, peoples lifestyle and travel suffers, no-one learns and the cycle repeats

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  7. Thank you for visiting the Get Ready blog. The Ready Georgia campaign promotes emergency preparedness throughout the state, and while we’re glad to address any questions you have related to preparedness, we can’t help you with employment statistics. You might find the answers you’re seeking at the Georgia Department of Labor’s website: http://www.dol.state.ga.us/

    Best of luck to you.