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Spring is officially here, and many Georgians are looking to purge old household items and finally get around to those often forgotten chores like scrubbing the baseboards. But sometimes it can be hard to get motivated – especially when it comes to getting your household prepared for emergencies. That’s why we came up with the […]

Getting Prepared One Step at a Time

During the first month of the year, many of us set goals to save more money, increase our physical activity or otherwise improve ourselves and our lives. But many of us also make the mistake of being unrealistic about what we can achieve, and we start feeling overwhelmed. A well thought-out plan that breaks the […]

What’s YOUR Preparedness Personality?

We all have that one friend – let’s call him Fifty-Percent Frank – that only prepares for life halfway. While there are times we can get away with only putting in half an effort, when it comes to emergencies, you want to be 100 percent ready! For people like Frank, the updated Ready Georgia mobile […]

November is National Caregivers Month: Is Your Loved One Ready for an Emergency?

Hurricane Matthew is a reminder to help those in need prepare for the unexpected In light of the recent storms that impacted and displaced many residents across the Georgia coast, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA/HS) reminds caregivers about the importance of helping family members and friends with unique needs prepare for emergencies. Family […]

Georgia Kids Talk Preparedness

What do a first aid kit, board game, snorkel, toilet paper and pickle have in common? According to several kids we interviewed about emergency preparedness, they’re all items that should be in a properly supplied Ready kit. As you can tell, some of their responses were light-hearted, but overall we were impressed by their knowledge […]