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Georgia Kids Talk Preparedness

What do a first aid kit, board game, snorkel, toilet paper and pickle have in common? According to several kids we interviewed about emergency preparedness, they’re all items that should be in a properly supplied Ready kit. As you can tell, some of their responses were light-hearted, but overall we were impressed by their knowledge […]

Cherokee County Knows Tornadoes; Emergency Management Director Shares Lessons for all Georgians

Over the past 15 years, Cherokee County experienced more tornadoes than any other county in Georgia.  With the often turbulent spring weather season approaching, we reached out to Cherokee County Office of Homeland Security Emergency Management Director Renee Cornelison to discuss tornado preparedness and a 2011 tornado that wreaked havoc on Cherokee County. Q: Are […]

Get Ready on a Budget

The days and weeks following the holidays can be tough on the wallet, but being prepared for an emergency doesn’t have to break the bank. Because disasters come in many forms, it’s important to know how to prepare – and even better to know how to prepare on a budget. Here are some handy tips […]

Winter Really is Coming…Prepare Now

It’s almost time to pull out your warm, waterproof winter coats because Georgia is forecast to have an especially cold and wet winter this year. The only Georgians welcoming the latest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s winter weather outlook is kids, since they might receive an extra snow day or two. Young or old, everyone […]

When the Weather Outside is Frightful

In a perfect world, everyone would spend a winter storm curled up by the fire with a good book or a line-up of binge-worthy television programs. But fast changing weather can make the reality of a winter storm a little less idyllic. In the event you find yourself without power during a storm – or […]

Plan Today for Storms Tomorrow

SNOW. A forecast including that four-letter word – or its cousins, ice, sleet and freezing rain — brings a flurry of activity, especially on the milk and bread aisles of your local grocery store. It’s good to spring into action before a potential winter storm, but are milk and bread the only items you should […]