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Drought Preparedness- Understanding Droughts and Conserving Water

In this National Preparedness Month podcast we hear from Nyasha Dunkley, Deputy State Climatologist for Georgia, about the drought that has been affecting Georgia for the past few months. Many of us consider droughts a summertime concern, but more than half of the state remains in a drought as we head into fall. Dunkley addresses […]

National Preparedness Month: Now is the Time

Nearly every day there is a story in the news that reminds us of the importance of being ready for emergencies. Tropical storms and hurricanes. Wildfires. Floods. Droughts. Georgia has been affected or threatened by all of these over the course of just the last few weeks. Given that, it would seem we all have […]

The Next Isaac May Hit Georgia

As the Gulf Coast braces for Isaac, we in Georgia are sighing in relief as it looks like we will be spared from the worst of the storm even as our hearts go out to our neighboring states directly in its path. But what if Isaac had come our way? Would you have been ready? […]

Be Bright: Stay Safe During Lightning Storms

Mother Nature has put on quite the light show in Georgia in recent weeks, with lightning bolts sparking house fires, felling trees and ultimately knocking out power in parts of the state. Although those storms did not result in any fatalities, the same can’t be said in other states, where lightning has recently claimed several […]

A Gold Medal in Preparedness

Like many Americans, I have really enjoyed watching the London Olympics. Thankfully, since the games started the focus has been on the athletes and the experience of watching so many countries come together. Before any swimmer hit the pool, however, a big focus was placed on security issues in London, just as it was during […]

Georgia IS Getting Ready

Each year, we at GEMA and the Ready Georgia campaign survey Georgia residents to find out whether you are prepared for emergencies. We’ve done this survey for five years now, and the trend is clear — Georgians are getting ready. This year, almost three quarters of our state’s residents are somewhat or fully prepared for […]

Free Infographic: Ready or Not?

Each year the Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s Ready Georgia campaign conducts a survey to gauge how prepared our state’s residents are. We created the following infographic to show some of the survey’s most interesting findings. If you would like to use the infographic on your website or blog, see below for the embed code. You […]