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Picking Up the Pieces

As the death toll across the South continues to rise, our thoughts are with everyone who is grieving the loss of family members, friends, homes and businesses. The chain of storms that drove across Georgia and several other states has leveled destruction on a scale that we haven’t seen in quite some time. These tornadoes […]

“Shake Out, Don’t Freak Out”

Would you know how to protect yourself and your family if an earthquake shook the state? Or would you panic due to a lack of preparedness? If you are not familiar with the steps to take during an earthquake, now is the time to get informed and be ready. Remember “stop, drop and roll” – […]

Thoughts on Preparedness After the Japanese Quake

Our hearts go out to the people in Japan who are dealing with destruction on a level that is unimaginable. More than a week after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake shook the country and set off a chain of catastrophic events, hundreds of thousands of Japanese are homeless and many do not have ready access to food […]