Don’t Get Stressed – Get Ready

Have you ever heard that a little bit of stress is actually good for you? It can motivate you to take action, provide mental stimulation and give you the confidence that you can perform under pressure. Stress isn’t always bad, when given in the right doses.

On the other hand, overwhelming levels of stress can be debilitating, especially when you are forced to respond to an emergency that you aren’t prepared to handle.

In observation of April as National Stress Awareness Month, I encourage you to make ‘someday’ today and get ready for whatever emergencies could come your way. Being prepared can help reduce anxiety during an emergency and its aftermath. It can give you confidence and help you keep calm, enabling you to make good decisions even in the face of a disaster.

Here are a few good stress management tips that also apply to emergency preparedness:

  • Become knowledgeable – Familiarize yourself with the types of disasters that could take place in your city and how you should respond. Learn your community’s warning signals and evacuation plan, as well as the terms that are used to identify severe weather such as advisories, watches and warnings.
  • Know your limitsDevelop a communications plan so that you’ll know everything that you and your family will need to do in case of an emergency. Map out and practice your evacuation route also so that you’ll have an idea of where to go and who to contact ahead of time.
  • Accept your feelings – An emergency can trigger a host of emotions. Consider your feelings while staying focused on taking the steps to protect yourself and executing the plan that you’ve already created.
  • Manage your stress – If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during a disaster or emergency, take steps to reduce your stress.  Simple ways to manage stress include recognizing signs of stress, learning breathing techniques, and engaging in spiritual communities.
  • Confide in others – Getting prepared and responding to the unexpected can be easier when the entirely family gets involved, even the kids. It’s important to talk to your family about emergency preparedness. You could even limit stress on you and your family by making sure that friends, neighbors and extended family outside the state are aware of your preparedness plan.

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