Make sure Dad is prepared this Father’s Day

Father_sonHaving difficulty figuring out what to get your dad for Father’s Day? While it might be easy to settle on the ever-popular necktie or gift card, remember that this is the one time each year that you can show your dad how much he really means to you.

Nothing says “I love you” more than helping your dad get disaster-ready. Bonus: Buying him a few items for his emergency Ready kit could put him in an elite class of Georgians, since just 22 percent of us are fully prepared should a disaster occur.

Here are a few suggestions for gifts that check both the “cool” and the “ready” boxes on your Father’s Day shopping list.

  • Flashlight—While there are numerous flashlights on the market to choose from, many police officers swear by ones that offer light intensity and ability to switch between five outputs, ranging from low-light options to those that flash. Dual, recoil-absorbing springs are also popular among officers because it ensures the aluminum build survives the occasional impact. Because disasters often result in a lack of power, knowing that your dad will always be able to shed light from hundreds of feet away for up to numerous hours should provide you peace of mind. A hand crank flashlight is another great option because it doesn’t need batteries and your dad can keep his hands free with a headlamp.
  • Games—Because you never know how long you might be without power, including games, books and other fun items in your Ready kit is highly recommended. Why not treat dad to a blast from the past by purchasing a few board games that will remind him of his childhood? Not only can he throw them in his Ready kit, they’re also perfect for family game night.
  • Portable charger— Smartphones and electronic devices can be vital in receiving emergency alerts and warnings, so it’s important to make sure your dad can keep his devices powered up in case of an emergency. Finding the right portable charger will provide your dad the ability to charge all of his devices on the go, so he’ll never be left in the dark. They’re also great for business trips.
  • NOAA Weather Radio—Help keep your dad up-to-speed with the latest information from the National Weather Service by picking him up a NOAA Weather Radio. Many on the market include portable chargers, LED flashlights and radios, which offer multiple charging options. Perhaps the most important charging feature to identify is a hand crank, which will allow your dad the ability to manually power the radio should there be a loss of power.

One final gift suggestion: Take 15 minutes to sit down with your dad and make sure he’s got an emergency plan. This is especially important if your father is a bit older, but dads of any age should know how to connect with family members following an emergency. Also, be sure he’s up to speed on where to take shelter during severe weather and that he knows where he would evacuate if needed. These may not be the most enjoyable conversations, but they are among the most important.