May is National Pet Month: Is Your Pet Prepared for Emergencies?

As pet owners, it is our job to take care of our special loved ones… in sickness and in health.  We also need to be prepared for emergency situations and have a plan in place for our pets just as we do for ourselves.   A “pet Ready kit” is a must and should include:

  • A waterproof container (for the kit contents)
  • Essentials such as water, food and any important medications.
  • Important documents (vet records, identification items)
  • Recent pictures (of you with your pet)

Make sure you have an evacuation destination, keeping in mind that most shelters don’t accept pets due to health regulations. It can be a pet-friendly hotel or even a friend’s house. Creating a “buddy system” is always a good idea. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your animals in case you’re not at home during an emergency. Whatever it takes to make sure your pet will be safe until you can retrieve him or her after a serious emergency situation.  To learn more about how you can prepare your pet and for a list of pet-friendly hotels, Ready Georgia’s  pet page is a great resource.

For your pet’s sake, get a kit, make a plan and stay informed!

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