Meet Last Year’s Weather Radio Winner

Last year, I heard about the Ready Georgia campaign while watching the news on WSB-TV. The station was promoting a radio giveaway contest and urging residents to create a profile at the campaign’s website for a chance to win a NOAA Weather Radio. Since this was an easy request for a life-saving device that I wanted – but didn’t necessarily want to spend money on at the time – I was motivated to create a profile. And I won!

My NOAA Weather Radio is one of the most essential items in my Ready kit. It allows me to prepare for the worst by giving me a head start before a weather emergency occurs.  When I lived in New York, I knew how to deal with blizzards, nor’easters and hurricanes. Tornadoes, on the other hand, were totally new for me in Georgia, where they can develop quickly and unexpectedly!  Fortunately, my NOAA Weather Radio gives me a “heads up” at times when I may not be aware of impending danger.

We all have something going on in our lives and in my case, I have multiple sclerosis.  M.S. affects my preparedness plan, as I may not always think of what I need.  However, the NOAA radio gives me the extra time that I need to prepare before disaster strikes.  While I don’t really have any physical problems other than experiencing stiffness and sometimes slow to move, that extra preparation time could make a difference for me and my pets.

It gives me peace of mind to know that I will receive a warning from the radio when harmful weather is approaching.  And since the NOAA Weather Radio is able to operate off batteries, it’s easily transportable to my safe room and can be packed in my Ready Kit. This way I can continue to be informed during a weather emergency regardless of where I am!

My NOAA Weather Radio has improved my preparedness level tremendously. Therefore, I encourage every Georgian to take the time to create a Ready profile by July 15th for a chance to win a weather radio. After all, it could save your life!