National Safety Month: How to Play it Safe

summerWhile summertime is known for being the time of year when Georgians let loose and play, it’s also notorious for bringing a variety of devastating weather including hurricanes, thunderstorms and lightning, extreme heat, tornadoes and more. Since these severe-weather conditions rarely play nicely, it’s best to not mess around nor underestimate them.

June is National Safety Month, which is an ideal time to revisit your emergency preparedness efforts to ensure you and your family are ready to have a fun and safe summer. Before the season officially kicks off on June 21, check out the following tips to get make sure you’re “playing it safe.”

  • Don’t ‘skip’ over your plan: Regardless if you’re traveling to your favorite vacation spot or staying put this summer, don’t forget to develop a plan of what to do in the event of an emergency. Make sure each family member knows how to contact one another and reconnect if separated. When creating your plan, remember to consider the unique needs ofpetsolder loved ones and family members with special needs. Since some conditions may require you and your family to evacuate, make sure you know where to go and familiarize yourself with Georgia’s evacuation routes.
  • ‘Build’ your Ready kit: Whether building a sandcastle on the beach or a Ready kit to keep in your home or car, it’s important you have the right tools to do it properly. Revisit your emergency checklist to ensure your Ready kitis fully stocked with necessary supplies, including enough food and water to last you and your family for up to 72 hours.
  • ‘Jump’ on your severe weather knowledge: Although hurricanes are commonly associated with coastal communities, residents across Georgia are still at risk of indirect severe impacts such as high winds, tornadoes and inland flooding. Take some time to brush up on the various severe weather conditions you may be subject to during the summer season. Also, keep a reliable news source on hand, such as aNOAA Weather Radio or download the Ready Georgia app, to stay weather-aware of conditions in your area.

Although the term “playing it safe” can seem to be a negative thing, it’s a smart idea in respect to emergency preparedness. Taking a little time and putting forth some effort in advance can help ensure your family’s safety and well-being this summer.