Prepare for Wild Weather and Other Unexpected Emergencies

Branches heavy with ice in front of a stop signFrom tornadoes and ice storms to wildfires and earthquakes, it’s been a wild year of weather in the state of Georgia. And with hurricane season still under way, there’s no telling what may occur in the months ahead.  That’s why it’s so critical to take the time to prepare your homes, workplaces and communities for disasters and emergencies of all kinds.

As a corporate sponsor of the Ready Georgia campaign, we at The Home Depot take emergency preparedness seriously. Our goal during any disaster: be the last outlet to close and the first to open. To make that happen, we have a detailed business continuity plan and extensive disaster response team in place to handle whatever comes our way. In an emergency situation, this team assembles in a command center at headquarters to help oversee information technology, merchandising, human resources, security and supply chain executives.

Your goal during a disaster is probably something much simpler, but every bit as important: keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Fortunately, that doesn’t require a command center and teams of trained professionals. It just requires about an hour of your time to create a Ready kit and a family communications plan, and to make sure that everyone in your family knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, despite all the extreme weather of late, GEMA research indicates that a majority of Georgians are still not fully prepared for an emergency. In addition, many businesses do not have adequate plans or operations set up to maintain productivity during these disasters. We all have a responsibility in protecting ourselves, our families and our communities.

Remember, disasters can strike with little or no warning. Get Ready for whatever may come your way.