The Xs and Os of Preparedness: How to Get Ready Like a Football Coach

xs and osFor many Americans, it is one of the most wonderful times of the year: football season. Coaches, like those of the Atlanta Falcons and University of Georgia, have spent the past year laying the foundation for successful seasons, investing countless hours to get their teams ready for the obstacles they will encounter.

As you’re counting down to your team’s first kickoff of the season, tackle your emergency preparedness to-do list using some of the same tactics your favorite coaches employ.

  • Gear Up: A coach wouldn’t let a football player be caught on the field without the proper equipment, and you and your family shouldn’t face an emergency without the proper supplies either. Be sure you have everything on your emergency checklist stocked up before a disaster strikes, including enough food and water to last you and for family for up to 72 hours. Also purchase a NOAA weather radio and download the free Ready Georgia mobile app to receive vital emergency alerts.
  • Research Your Opponent: The best way to beat an opponent is to know its capabilities and strengths. Take time before a disaster and do some research to know what you could be up against.
  • Practice: The old saying “practice makes perfect” is true in most aspects in life, but especially in disaster preparedness. Prior to a disaster, create a plan and practice it with your family to make sure all members of your team are ready.

Now that you know the basic Xs and Os of preparing for disasters, do you think you’re ready? Share your game plan with your friends and family to make sure you all will be successful if and when disaster strikes.

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