This Halloween, Get Prepared for Real-Life Scares

Jack-o'-lanterns carved from pumpkins and lit with tea lights

The end of October is a special time of year for kids in Georgia. The weather is getting cool, it’s a busy time for activities like sports, and of course there is Halloween. Whether your family celebrates Halloween or likes to go to a fall festival, everyone loves watching kids (and adults) dress up in their favorite costumes and compete in activities for some well-earned candy. As kids get older, they’ll probably enjoy participating in a few scary activities as well.

Halloween celebrates the fantastical side of being scared with its imaginary monsters and made-up worlds. Unfortunately, the real world sometimes can be a scary place, too. You may not have to worry about monsters, but you may experience the effects or a tornado, flood or hurricane. Disasters like these are all too real, and they can be dangerous and legitimately scary.

The best way to combat these threats is by being preparing in advance. Creating a Ready kit, making an emergency plan, and staying informed about the news and weather are all ways to make you and your family more safe and less scared during disasters. If you and your children know where to go, what to do and how to properly equip yourselves, it can make a lot of difference in these situations.

At GEMA, we’re here to help Georgians get prepared, and we’ve found that one of the best ways to reach parents is by teaching the kids first. That’s why we launched the fifth-annual Ready Georgia kids art, essay and video contest. This year, Georgia students used their creative drawing, writing and filming skills to create some fantastic entries around the theme “Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared.”

If you’d like to see how creative Georgia students can be, you can view all the winning essays, videos and pieces of art here. And don’t forget to take their advice and make sure you and your family are prepared this fall.