Three Things to Do Now to Prepare for Hurricane Season

History teaches us that a lack of awareness and preparation are common threads among major hurricane disasters. With an above-average hurricane season predicted this year, it’s critical that Georgians take action now to prepare for the unexpected.

Most of us associate hurricanes with coastal communities, but the fact is, hurricanes can cause disastrous impacts across our entire state through high winds, tornadoes and inland flooding. Hurricane season officially begins today, and I challenge everyone to get Ready.

Take three simple steps to get your safety act together just in time for hurricane season:

  • Prepare for hurricanes and their hazards by creating a customized Ready kit checklist where a list of basic supplies is also available. Every Georgia household should have a Ready kit of emergency supplies – in both the home and the car – in case of evacuation.
  • Plan to take action. Develop a family communications plan. If you live in a hurricane evacuation zone, plan an evacuation route. By practicing evacuation plans, your household can be ready to leave quickly if the time comes.
  • Stay Informed about all approaching tropical systems. A hurricane watch means hurricane conditions are possible within 48 hours, and a hurricane warning means hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours.

Follow these simple yet effective steps to enjoy a safe summer with your family despite what nature may bring. And take a listen to recommendations from hurricane survivor Dylynn Waters who knows first hand how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected.

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  1. Shasha
    Shasha says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the essential steps to prepare ourselves for any unexpected natural disaster. I have taken note of these measures and make sure every of my family members know this.

  2. Candida
    Candida says:

    A family plan is highly recommended for natural disaster readiness, especially if you have children. Plan ahead for this with your family, you may be glad that you did!

  3. Maggie K. Billings
    Maggie K. Billings says:

    The SA always does good work in our area. But there are steps everyone can take to prepare ahead of the storm too. I always recommend going to a site like , downloading a list of storm supplies, then buying as many as you can afford even if it is only 1-2 each week. You can always look around your home for items and put them together in a separate space to begin preparing in case a storm comes. Knowing more than one route in/out of your neighboorhood, to a safe location, and nearby shelters should also be part of your basic plan.

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