Today’s Assignment: Thunderstorm Safety

Thunderstorm safetyWhen you see the dark, ominous clouds typical of a thunderstorm blowing in, do you know what to do? Thunderstorms are so common that many Georgians don’t take warnings seriously enough and don’t realize the damage that can ensue. We all know that thunder can’t actually hurt you. But think of the booming noise as a warning signal for thunderstorm-related threats like lightning, high winds, hail and floods.

More importantly, don’t wait for the sound of thunder before you take steps to stay safe in the storm. Today, take a few minutes to look around your yard and identify which outdoor objects you would need to secure when a storm is approaching. Then look up and check your trees for loose branches that could fall and cause harm in high winds. For extra credit on today’s assignment, call a tree inspection service to make sure that your trees are all healthy.