Waterproof Your Most Important Documents on Flood Safety Day

Floods may not seem that dangerous, but anyone who lived through the severe North Georgia floods in September 2009 2013_swaw_logo_4understands why they are such a threat. In fact, flooding is the No. 1 severe weather-related killer in the U.S. and No. 2 in Georgia.

Today is Flood Safety Day, and just like every other day during Severe Weather Awareness Week, we are encouraging you to take one simple step to prepare. Today, we recommend copying your important documents and sealing them in a watertight, portable container, like a plastic bag.

Floods have the potential to cut you off from your home and catch you off guard. After a disaster, it’s important to have information about your insurance policies, identification and bank account records. By copying your documents and placing them in a secure location today, you can make sure that you will never be left empty-handed. It’s also one of the items that we recommend including in your Ready kit.

Once you’ve got your documents copied and stored, take a look at some of our other recommendations for preparing for floods, including learning about flood insurance. Finally, if you are driving during a flood watch or warning, keep in mind the slogan Turn Around Don’t Drown. Nearly half of all flood-related deaths occur when people drive into floodwaters and their vehicle is swept off the road. It only takes 2 feet of water to sweep away most vehicles, and it’s often difficult to determine how deep the water actually is.