Believe It or Not – It’s Time to Get “Ready” for a New School Year

July is typically not the time when you think about going back to school. However, in just a few short weeks, students and teachers throughout Georgia will trade their pool time for school time. While you’re soaking up those last few days of rays, take some time to ensure you and your child are prepared should an emergency occur during the school year.

There are a few easy ways to accomplish this. Similar to the list of school supplies provided to students and parents at the beginning of the year – suggesting you buy items such as binders, pencils, glue and more – there is also an emergency preparedness list you can follow that will make sure the entire family is prepared. Our handy back to school emergency preparedness checklist includes:

  • Sitting down and creating a family communications plan. Before school begins, set a time for a family meeting to develop a family communications plan. Discuss unique needs of each family member, how you’ll contact one another if separated and how to reconnect. Don’t forget that your child needs to know how to reach you in an emergency. Be sure to fill out one of the emergency contact cards from the communications plan template and place it in your child’s backpack once school begins.
  • Downloading the Ready Georgia mobile app and figuring out which Ready kit supplies you need. The mobile app has a number of helpful resources, including a customizable Ready Profile where you can access a Ready kit checklist of items needed in case of an emergency. Once you fill out your profile and determine which items you may be missing, you can easily purchase an item you may need while back-to-school shopping, like an extra case of water, can opener, a weather radio or new flashlight.
  • Updating your emergency contact information with your child’s school. Teachers often supply forms at the beginning of each year for parents to fill out, and it’s important to update your emergency contact information so that it is accurate. When teachers send your child home with paperwork requiring your confirmation, concentrate on making sure all emergency contact information is thorough and accurate.

For more preparedness resources, check out Ready Georgia’s online toolkit that includes fun games and activities for kids that make it easy to be Ready.