Don’t Let Your Defenses Down

After what seems like one of the coldest winters in recent Georgia history, who isn’t ready to dive into spring? As the cold of winter is lifting, it’s easy to put your defenses down as temperatures rise and the days lengthen. But spring can be one of the most dangerous seasons for weather-related disasters.

March through May tend to be the most active months for tornadoes, and as we’re reminded with Flood Safety Awareness Week beginning today, spring showers can bring sudden, unpredictable flooding. Arm yourself with the tools and resources necessary to protect you and your family this year.

A great place to start is to create a customized checklist and plan. Insurance companies always recommend changing the batteries in your smoke detector when Daylight Saving Time begins. Extend that sense of precaution to a broader plan like proactively creating or updating a Ready kit each spring. Now is also the perfect time to pick up a NOAA weather radio, if you don’t already own one, a critical piece of any emergency preparedness arsenal. And check out Ready Georgia’s latest preparedness video.

Yes, this is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy leisure activities, but you can enjoy them more with the peace of mind being prepared brings.

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    For me, I waver on the thoughts. I got tiring planning for uncertain times ahead for the last several years due to husband’s employment outlook. The planning and talking we have done seems to be never ending. We plan with the line of thought that this is the last paycheck. Meaning what we have today, is all we plan the future on. Afraid now to invest at any level above low risk. Guess that is why the consumer spending is still not rebounding as fast as it should, maybe others feel this way.

    Yesterday I could make a turn left to Whole Foods, straight to WM. In that split second I choose Whole Foods. Nice shopping, yummy foods, Mocha drink as I wandered……huge bill. I beat myself up as I was driving home over my choice. Then I said to myself, today I have the money to do this, tomorrow I may not. I mean it was not like I pulled into the new car lot!

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