Most Georgians Are Ready – Are You?

Have you heard the news? According to a recent survey, 64 percent of Georgia households are at least somewhat prepared for disaster. They have stocked at least some emergency supplies such as a flashlight, first aid kit and three-day supply of water and nonperishable food. Even better, people who are familiar with Ready Georgia are more than twice as likely to be prepared for emergencies. That means that our three-year campaign to help the citizens of our state become better prepared is making a difference.

Midland Weather RadioBut don’t miss this bit of news – there’s work to be done. Many households need to complete their Ready kits by adding crucial items such as a NOAA weather radio, which is missing from 75 percent of Georgia households surveyed. Sixty-seven percent of Georgia residents have not established a place for their family to meet following a disaster, or created a reconnection plan. And 61 percent of Georgians have not assembled Ready kits for their cars.

The destruction caused by the deadly storms in recent weeks and months is a reminder of the importance of emergency preparedness. I encourage you to take a minute to explore some of our resources to help you prepare for the next big storm or other emergency. Create a personalized Ready kit checklist and communications plan, making it simple to take those first steps toward being prepared. Review and practice the plan with your family. Stay informed about possible threats in your area, and find local emergency contact information so you know where to turn in the wake of disaster.

There’s never been a better time to get ready.