Spring is officially here, and many Georgians are looking to purge old household items and finally get around to those often forgotten chores like scrubbing the baseboards. But sometimes it can be hard to get motivated – especially when it comes to getting your household prepared for emergencies. That’s why we came up with the Preparedness Challenge – a one-day marathon that will get the whole family involved.

The challenge is simple. Create a list of tasks from key preparedness areas, and then pick a day when your entire family is going to be home to complete them. Once all of the items on the checklist are complete, treat your family to a reward of their choice (e.g., a night at the movies or a pizza/ice cream party).

The below list is made up of simple, but effective action items that can be customized to make sure your house is prepared for any season:

Come Up With A Plan
Emergency communications plans can make all the difference in making sure your family is safe when danger strikes.

  • Decide on a central meeting location in your neighborhood if a disaster occurred
  • Identify out of town relatives/friends to contact in case of an emergency
  • Address any needs unique to your family (e.g., require mobility assistance for elderly family members, or special prescription needs)
  • Enter your family communications plan into the Ready Georgia app

Stage a Drill
After coming up with an emergency preparedness plan, take it on a practice run.

  • Stage a fire drill and/or an evacuation drill for a hurricane or a flood to get your family’s reaction to an emergency situation
  • Review the list of detailed emergency role playing scenarios in our parent/teacher toolkit to get an idea of how a drill would work
  • Review/Examine what worked and what didn’t during the drills and discuss ways to improve if an actual emergency occurred

Get It Together
You may have more emergency supplies at home than you think, so take time to put them all in one place.

  • If you don’t already have a Ready kit at home review our list of items (including a flashlight, first aid kit, NOAA weather radio, etc. )
  • Stage a family scavenger hunt to gather all of the Ready kit supplies already on hand
  • For an extra challenge, make a trip to the store and pick up any additional items to add to your Ready kit

Get Tech Ready
Technology can be helpful in emergency situations if you take time to prepare.

  • Gather important documents (e.g., birth certificates, home and flood insurance) and store them in the cloud using password-protection
  • Ensure everyone in your family has the Ready Georgia mobile app downloaded to their smartphone with county-specific notifications set up
  • Back-up your computer to protect photos and other personally important electronic documents

Don’t Forget Your Pets
If there are pets in your home, they’ll need to get prepared for emergencies too.

  • Come up with a contingency plan for your pet in case of an evacuation
  • Make a list of pet friendly hotels in the area
  • Review what should go in your pet’s ready kit and purchase the necessary items

When the above list is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy a sweet treat by dinnertime and have peace of mind knowing your family is more prepared for emergencies. Are you ready to take the challenge?