#Thankful and Ready

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So far in 2015, Georgia has experienced several significant weather events, including winter storms, tornado touchdowns and heavy rainfall. Fortunately, many Georgians were prepared for these weather situations and could protect the people and things they love. Thinking back on this year, did proactive emergency preparedness efforts help ensure the safety of the friends and family for which you’re #thankful?

This Thanksgiving, we want to know what you’re thankful for and what disaster preparedness steps you’ve taken to protect these people or things. Starting Thursday, Nov. 19 through Wednesday, Nov. 25, we’ll be giving away one Ready Kit each day leading up to Thanksgiving. To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is share a comment on this Ready Georgia Facebook update or below in our comments section about who or what you’re #thankful for and the emergency preparedness steps you’ve taken (or will take!) with them in mind. At the end of each day, we will select one response at random to receive a Ready Kit, which includes a flashlight, first aid kit and other emergency supplies valued at over $100.

Are you thankful you’ve created a customized plan to protect an elderly family member, child, business or pet? Maybe you put together your first family communications plan or Ready Kit this year, or maybe you encouraged a friend to download the Ready Georgia mobile app. We want to know, so please share your emergency prep thankfulness with us this holiday season!

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  1. aylaeh
    aylaeh says:

    One thing I’ve done is purchased a radio that doesn’t need electricity to run. I’ve also encouraged others to buy one.

  2. tracy strachn
    tracy strachn says:

    i have 3 days of emergency rations, tents, camp stove an fuel. i am thank full for my family and my ability to keep them safe.

  3. Mary Perry
    Mary Perry says:

    Thankful for the CERT program which teaches us personal, family, and community safety and preparedness and response. All Citizens should take the class and get the starter Go Bag! Thank you GEMA and FEMA!

  4. Ayanna Anis
    Ayanna Anis says:

    I am so thankful to have another year with my beautiful family. One of my children is battling a terrible illness in which requires lots of medicines including refrigerated medicines. We have a way to keep his medicine cool in case of power outages and we have our weather radio to keep us informed. We also have gallons of water in the garage and canned good…..just in case.

  5. Mary
    Mary says:

    I am thankful for all the information I receive from Pam Tucker and Columbia County EMA. And the CERT training I received in the past. I need to update first aid supplies in house and car. Make sure to have food and water supplies are enough to also be able to help neighbors and friends. Have a way to contact family.

  6. Kelly Warner
    Kelly Warner says:

    I am very thankful for my 6 children. We not only have emergency supplies, but I have also worked hard to teach them to be competent and self reliant. These are skills that will serve them well both in and out of emergency situations.

  7. Leslie Fagin
    Leslie Fagin says:

    I am #thankful for the training I received that prepares me to be ready in the event of an emergency. It’s like Christmas for me when I go shopping to re-stock my emergency kits. I am also #thankful for my family and friends who are becoming more aware and getting prepared for emergencies in their homes and work places.

  8. Jennifer Lamb
    Jennifer Lamb says:

    We were hit with straight line winds this summer and had quite a mess in our backyard and had to have our rood replaced. When taking cover we realized that the batteries in our flashlights had died and that our emergency kit was not all that it should be. We are now more prepared.

  9. Paula Fuller
    Paula Fuller says:

    I am thankful for My family. We have purchased a weather radio and a handcranked radio/light. We are working on getting our items needed in case of an emergency. Thanks for the Opportunity to win a Kit~~

  10. Thomas Beer
    Thomas Beer says:

    Thankful for 4 generations living in my home, with extended food storage, basic medical supplies and skills, access to renewable water, beginnings of renewable gardening, planned renewable meat, and weapons and tactics to protect as needed.

  11. Michelle Z
    Michelle Z says:

    I am thankful for a great, historic place to work and co-workers who are like family since my family lives so far away. I am thankful I have first aid, cpr, aed, and CERT training that helped me write an really good disaster plan that will help protect the staff, the historic site, and our visitors when the next emergency strikes.

  12. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    I am thankful for my boyfriend. Neither of us has family in this area, so in case of bad weather, we rely on each other. He lives approximately 20 minutes away but we are in constant contact during bad weather. I have a weather alert radio programmed for both counties, as well a battery operated radio that picks up both radio and TV channels. I keep extra water on hand, can food, medicines for both myself and my cats. I have had cpr and first aid training. I hope I am prepared!

  13. aylaeh
    aylaeh says:

    Thanks for the package!! I was able to pick it up today. I’d never heard of Tornado Alert until I got this package. Really interesting and easy to set up!

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