What Do These Names Have in Common?

HurricaneHarvey. Katia. Nate. Ophelia. No, they’re not the most popular baby names of 2011. These are the names of storms that could form during the remaining four months of the Atlantic hurricane season. (Interesting note: This year’s list of names is largely the same as 2005, when hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Gulf Coast. Those two names have since been retired.)

Since the start of hurricane season on June 1, four named storms have formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Only Tropical Storm Don posed even a slight threat to the U.S. coastline, but forecasters have predicted that 2011 will have more storms than average, which means we’re likely to see plenty more activity between now and the end of November.

With that in mind, here are three quick tips for staying safe when a hurricane is heading your way:

  • Prepare by putting together a portable Ready kit that you can take with you if you need to evacuate.
  • Plan to evacuate by mapping out a route and selecting a safe place to ride out the storm.
  • Stay informed by listening to a NOAA weather radio and local weather broadcasts for the latest information on storm conditions and evacuation instructions. Stay out of flood waters and do not return to your home until authorities say it is safe.

The most active months of the hurricane season are just around the corner. Take time now to make sure you’re Ready.

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