What’s in Santa’s Ready kit?

santa pic Haven’t you always wondered what Santa keeps in his Ready kit? Well the wait is over. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Jolly Old Saint Nick during his busiest time of year. While he’s obviously concerned about making sure all of the good boys and girls get their gifts this year, he also understands the importance of being ready in case bad weather or other emergencies interfere with his travels.

Q: You’ll be delivering gifts to boys and girls all over the world this holiday season. What are some of the most important items in your sleigh’s Ready kit?

A: I always keep a complete change of clothes including a long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes in case my sleigh gets stuck somewhere and I have to walk for help. I also never leave for a trip without an extra blanket, a bottle of water and a few snacks. It’s never happened, but if for some reason the reindeer are unable to get the sleigh up in the air, I always know that I’ll be safe and warm.

Q: What are your “must have” items for the Ready kit you keep with you at the North Pole?

A: Even though we’re accustomed to a snowy existence up at the North Pole we still keep emergency supplies on hand, just like everyone should. Water is extremely important. I always make sure that we have at least one gallon per reindeer a day for at least three days. Our three-day supply of non-perishable food includes canned carrots for the reindeer (although they prefer fresh), canned oranges for the elves and Mrs. Claus’s favorite, applesauce.

The elves have also made sure that we’ve got back-up power for our electronics. They hate the thought of having their tablets and smartphones run out of power while we wait for the lights to come back on!

Q: How do you prepare your sleigh for your long trip?

A: Not a lot of people know this, but my sleigh has a lot of the same features as a car – and the elves are great mechanics. Prior to my trips, they make sure that the headlights and flashing hazard lights are working properly and they check the brakes for wear. Because it can get very cold while traveling, I always have them check the heater to make sure it’s working properly too.

Because your Ready kit might not mirror Santa’s, check out this full list of recommended items that you should stock in your own Ready kit.

Happy Holidays!

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