What’s YOUR Preparedness Personality?

We all havesocial-image_rk-checklist_final that one friend – let’s call him Fifty-Percent Frank – that only prepares for life halfway. While there are times we can get away with only putting in half an effort, when it comes to emergencies, you want to be 100 percent ready!

For people like Frank, the updated Ready Georgia mobile app  makes preparedness simple. The app features a dashboard that allows you to track your progress toward 100 percent preparedness. To help you even more, we’ve developed a guide to gauge just how prepared you are, based on your preparedness personality. Which one of these are you?!

  • Twenty-Five Percent Tim
    If you’re like Tim, you’ve only tackled the basic necessities of becoming ready. Tim has started his Ready profile, which includes adding his own contact information and his emergency contacts on the app, but those are the only steps he’s taken. Don’t be like Tim!
  • Fifty-Percent Frank
    Similar to Tim, Frank has created a Ready profile and uploaded his contact information to the app, but he’s realized that it’s also important to add information about where his family and friends will meet if they need to evacuate. He has also uploaded workplace and immediate family contact information, but there are still many other critical steps he needs to take.
  • Seventy-Five Percent Sally
    Sally is one of the more prepared people you know. She’s taken all the same steps as Frank, but she’s also used the app’s visual checklist to take stock of what Ready kit items she has on hand. In addition, she’s added important information about her family’s medications and school emergency contact information to her Ready profile.
  • One-Hundred Percent Helen
    Helen is the rock star of the emergency preparedness world. Not only has she tackled all the same tasks as Sally, but she also has a fully stocked Ready kit for her home and car, with all 13 of the recommended items. Since Helen realizes that emergency preparedness is comprehensive, she has a plan for all of the family members in her home, including supplies for her elderly parents and pets. Helen is prepared for anything that may come her way!

If you’re more like Twenty-Five Percent Tim than One-Hundred Percent Helen, don’t worry. Download the Ready Georgia mobile app and start improving your preparedness percentage, one step at a time.