Terrorism – What is the threat in Georgia?

Terrorism. It’s a scary word. Terrorist acts are designed to catch people off guard, wreaking physical destruction as well as psychological distress. Is it possible to be prepared?

Not only can we be prepared for terrorism, but we must. In the latest Ready Georgia podcast, Gary Kelley, deputy director of homeland security for Georgia, provides insight on the types of attacks most likely to strike our state and on the role each of us can play in preventing terrorism.

To help you stay informed about all types of emergencies, Ready Georgia is giving away a NOAA weather radio to one podcast listener.

PRIZE: Midland NOAA weather radio
TO ENTER: Listen to the podcast and comment on this post with your answer to the question, “What have you done (or will you do) to get ready for emergencies?”
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday, October 8 at Noon (Eastern)
PRIZE SHIPS: State of Georgia only
RULES: Open to Georgia residents only. One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be selected using random.org and announced on Friday.

A transcript of the podcast can be found here.

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  1. Jennifer Stokes
    Jennifer Stokes says:

    I have stockpiled emergency supplies and made an emergency plan for my family. Disasters can happen very unexpectedly and at any time so I want my family to be prepared just in case.

    • Linda
      Linda says:

      Hello Jennifer,

      I was wondering what types of things you reccomend for a family to pack incase of an emergency. I know people rush the groery stores for water and such but do you have acess to a good list?

  2. Tim Richardson
    Tim Richardson says:

    We have an emergency plan in place and have gathered food, water and emergency equipment to take care of ourselves for at least a week should there be an act of terrorism or a natural disaster. My wife and I have both joined our local CERT program and we stay up to date on our 1st Aid certifications. We are prepared to assist others in our neighborhood and local community. I have also joined the Georgia State Defense Force and have received training that will allow me to assist my fellow Georgians should disaster strike. The Boy Scout motto that I learned at the age of 11 is good advice for everyone: “Be Prepared.”

  3. Warner Robins Real Estate
    Warner Robins Real Estate says:

    My family and I have emergency supplies (water, food, emergency gear) to last for nearly a week. We “train” with our kids each quarter on the steps and procedures to take in the event there is a terrorist attack. Our entire family has been through first aid/buddy care training as a precaution…You can never be too prepared!

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    Sviluppo siti internet says:

    Terrorism can scare people, but what should really scare people is being killed, not just ‘terrorism’ itself. And we can avoid it with prevention. As Marvin said prevention is far better than cure!

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